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Meet the Doctors and our Staff

At Cretan Medicare, we believe in the value of our people. Being the driving force of our organization, they are the ones who support the patient’s needs every step of the way. The recruitment process is designed with high criteria and we focus on scientific standards and professional experience. Yet, emphasis is also given to the element of responsibility along with spirit, ethos and vision for the Team. The professional development of our Personnel is our foremost concern. Recognizing the contribution of human resources to the provision of high quality services, Cretan Medicare has invested heavily in the continuing education and training for the development of knowledge.

All of our specialists at Cretan Medicare, apart from their scientific excellence and professional perception, are characterized by their integrity and honesty towards patients. Our experienced nursing staff provides excellent treatment and accurate implementation of doctors’ guidelines. Also, due to covering a highly touristic area, recruiting multi-lingual staff originating from different countries is a major focus. The majority of doctors and staff speak many languages so that communication can take place without complications.

Our Staff is well trained and the spoken languages range between: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Serbian, Czech, Polish and Greek. The Head Doctors of Cretan Medicare, who successfully offer their knowledge and experience, are as follows:

Our Team

Cretan Medicare Team


Doctor Katsoulis Emmanuel

Internal Medicine Department
Working since 1980

Doctor Batsis Dimitrios

General Practitioners Department
Working since 1980

Doctor Diamantakis Athanasios

Department of Homeopathy
Working since 1980

Doctor Fotakis Konstantinos

Orthopedic Surgeon
Working since 1980

Doctor Gonianakis Georgios

Surgical Department
Working since 1997

Doctor Fabio Picardi

Orthopedic Department

Doctor Mattheakis Michael

Radiology Department
Working since 1987

Doctor Zambetakis Georgios

Pediatric Department
Working since 1985

Doctor Psyllaki Maria

General Pathology Department
Working since 2002

Rebecca Jacobs

Physiotherapy Department
Working since 1999

Doctor Theodore Antonakis

Microbiological Department
Working since 1985

Doctor Nirgianakis Konstantinos

Gynecology Department

Doctor Chrisoulaki Maria

Endocrynology Department

Doctor Katsouli Eleni

Working since 2021

Doctor Stavros Theodorakopoulos

Rheumatologic Department

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