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About us

Cretan Medicare S.A. is a group of contemporary, well-equipped private medical centers operating since 1996 within the prefecture of Heraklion, located in the popular touristic areas of Hersonissos, Malia, Stalida, Sissi and Analipsi.

It consists of certified Medical Professionals of all front-line specialties – General Practitioners, Internists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Surgeons, Orthopedics, Nephrologists, Pulmonologists, Gynecologists, Microbiologists, Radiologists, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Psychiatrists, Homoeopathists, Acupuncturists, Otorhinolaryngologists, Paramedics, and Nursing Staff.

With many years of experience in medical incident management, Cretan Medicare S.A. has established adequate cooperation with Hotel Units, Tourist Agencies, Local Companies, Consulates, Aviation, and Shipping companies, as well as with Private and Public health care providers (National Healthcare System, Hospitals, Medical Universities).

At the same time, it maintains long-term and ongoing partnerships with most of Travel Agencies, International Insurance, and Assistance Companies to serve their customers during their vacation, from arrival to departure.

Cretan Medicare S.A. is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and undertakes to completely handle all Primary Healthcare Incidents by providing:

Prompt Medical Care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wide Spectrum of Physicians and Specialists experienced in routine, Emergency, and First Aid Treatment

Ambulance and Transportation services for emergency and non-emergency assistance.

Walks-ins and residential/hotel/resort service and assistance.

Long-standing cooperation with Global Insurance & Assistance Companies.







Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy underscores our unwavering dedication to the environment and the local community, recognizing that our company is an integral part of a larger interconnected system that encompasses people, values, organizations, and nature. We are committed to conducting business with the utmost responsibility, adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our CSR efforts are divided into two key areas: compliance and proactiveness. Compliance signifies our unwavering commitment to upholding laws and observing community values. Proactiveness, on the other hand, demonstrates our proactive initiatives to champion human rights, support communities, and safeguard the natural environment.

In our operations, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We uphold internal policies and guidelines to ensure consistent ethical practices.
  • We conduct all business operations within the boundaries of legality and integrity.
  • We maintain transparency in all our partnerships and collaborations, fostering open and accountable relationships.

We prioritize integrity and respect for human rights. We actively promote the following principles:

  • Safety and fair practices in all aspects of our operations.
  • Full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation to safeguard individual privacy and data security.

We place paramount importance on the health and safety of our employees and the broader community. We actively foster diversity and inclusion within our organization and strictly adhere to fair labor practices as an equal opportunity employer.

As part of our commitment to community support, we allocate a dedicated budget for monetary donations. These contributions focus on advancing health, education, and community events. We actively participate in initiatives such as blood drives, provision of ambulances and medical professionals where needed, and engagement with local charities.

Encouraging our employees to actively volunteer, we offer both internal and external programs to support their participation. Additionally, we proudly sponsor volunteering events organized by other reputable organizations.

Beyond our legal obligations, we embrace our proactive role in environmental stewardship. We actively engage in activities such as recycling, energy conservation, and the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies. We also contribute to volunteer programs aimed at cleaning beaches and specific areas, actively working to preserve and protect the environment.

Our company is unwavering in its commitment to continuously improve our operations. We strive to be aware and responsible, consistently evolving to meet and exceed the highest standards in our businesses.


A big thank you to all at Cretan Medicare for all your kind and efficient help. Please pass on a big thank you to the rest off the team.

Bill and Gail

First of all I would like to thank you again a lot for all the good care that I have gotten by you and your all staff. That was really super fast and super efficient. Again my thanks


I am writing to thank you all for the treatment you administered to my wife at the Malia clinic. My wife was brought to your clinic suffering from a severe nut allergy causing her breathing difficulties. Due to your prompt actions her life was saved. Your efforts were greatly appreciated.


Many thanks, once again, for your help and for the excellent medical attention I received at the time. I was very grateful! With best wishes from Dublin


Thank you very much for your very kind and expert help with my son Domi who sustained a wrist laceration during his holiday at Malia. Domi had exploration this morning at the hospital, by the oncall plastic team and no significant damage was found as you have predicted. The plastic team made a comment that the first aid was perfect at your clinic. Thank you once again for all your help. My son was very lucky on this occasion, With very best wishes


Thank you very much for all your good care!


Dear Team of Cretan Medicare in Malia, I would like to say Thank You very much to the complete team in Malia for the very professional help and support of my wife.


Wir sind gut wieder in Deutschland angekommen. Danke für die super Versorgung bei Ihnen. Viele Grüße,


Thank you for your efficient service!


Dear Dr. Psyllaki, our journey back to Croatia was successful, and lighter than we thought it will be. My wife felt much stronger after the treatment. You helped us a lot. As a good and experienced doctor, you tried to cure the patient, not the diagnosis. Thank you once again.