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Cretan Medicare is dedicated to providing services for prevention and diagnosis in Crete, offering responsible, immediate, and efficient transportation services.

To ensure optimal patient transport services, fully equipped ambulances are available. Our are fully complied with the eligibility requirements of EKAB and the Ministry of Transport. These ambulances enable quick, easy, and comfortable transportation to any destination for any medical incident.

Services provided:

  • Four modern ambulances equipped with stretchers, available 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency assistance.
  • Facilitation of immediate transfer to public and private hospitals if necessary.
  • Round-trip transportation for appointments at specialized medical clinics or hospitals.
  • Geographic coverage throughout the entire island of Crete, including residences, hospitals, clinics, hotels, airports, and ports.
  • Transportation services for wheelchairs, mobility support, and specialized care.
  • Standby and support for special events.