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Cretan Medicare is a group of dedicated clinical professionals

Actively involved in providing health and medical assistance on the island of Crete.
Medical Services

Our Main Medical Departments High-Quality Services

Cretan Medicare has almost all the ‘frontline’ disciplines of medical science in order to treat all health problems. With a team consisting of Internists, Surgeons, Orthopaedics, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, General Practitioners, a Gynecologist and an ENT Specialist to name a few, we also offer a wide range of Diagnostic Tests with two X-ray and Microbiological Laboratories, as well as Short-term Daycare Units and an Alternative Medicine section.

Internal Medicine Department

Professional treatment for all.

Department of Orthopedics

Continue your holidays without problems.

Department of Cardiology

We watch your heart, every step of the way.

Department of Radiology

Quality diagnostic and imaging services.

Department of Surgery

Feel safe with skilled emergency medical help, for minor or major injuries.

Department of Physiotherapy

Gives your body the best performance.

Department of Pediatrics

Care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Department of Homeopathic

Our doctor cares about your well being.

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About Us

Professional Medical Care in Full Measure

For us, there are no minor aspects, because a quality result always depends on trifles. Over the years of our activities, we have gained the unique experience of organizing medical services for citizens and foreign nationals.

Private patients, international organizations and corporate businesses feel safe and comfortable in establishing relationships.

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The major goal of family medicine is to build trust between the patient and the general practitioner, which allows achieving the best treatment outcome.

The specific features of work of the general practitioner (family doctor) are more reasonable and beneficial to both GPs and patients in many respects.

The major goal of family medicine is to build trust between the patient and the general practitioner, which allows achieving the best treatment outcome.

The specific features of work of the general practitioner (family doctor) are more reasonable and beneficial to both GPs and patients in many respects.

The major goal of family medicine is to build trust between the patient and the general practitioner, which allows achieving the best treatment outcome.

The specific features of work of the general practitioner (family doctor) are more reasonable and beneficial to both GPs and patients in many respects.
Use your Medical and Travel insurance coverage while on holiday Abroad

Global reach with more than 180 leading Insurance and Assistance companies.

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We follow the principle of family medicine, which means that the family practitioner will handle the majority of medical requests, with Specialist involvement when deemed necessary.

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Premium Quality Certification Services

Cretan Medicare prides itself for being the first outpatient medical center in Crete which has been certified with the seal of ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 is a yearly certification that a company is awarded for establishing and following strict, international standards through control checks. This seal of approval is a guarantee to our patients that we uphold and follow these high quality standards throughout the year.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Cretan Medicare was funded for its modernization under the Business Program “Digital Convergence” with the co-financing of Greece and the European Union.

our features


Η επιχείρηση ΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΦΡΟΝΤΙΔΑ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ ΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΑΝΩΝΥΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ που εδρεύει στην περιφέρεια Κρήτης, εντάχθηκε στη δράση «Αναβάθμιση πολύ μικρών & μικρών επιχειρήσεων για την ανάπτυξη των ικανοτήτων τους στις νέες αγορές» προϋπολογισμού 310 εκατ. Ευρώ. Η δράση έχει ως στόχο την βελτίωση της ποιότητας των προσφερόμενων προϊόντων και υπηρεσιών ή τη δημιουργία νέων προϊόντων/υπηρεσιών τα οποία θα καλύπτουν συγκεκριμένες ανάγκες της αγοράς. Επίσης, τα επενδυτικά σχέδια δύνανται να στοχεύουν στην μείωση του κόστους ή την αύξηση της αποτελεσματικότητας των λειτουργικών και παραγωγικών διαδικασιών και αφορά όλες τις περιφέρειες της χώρας.

Ο συνολικός προϋπολογισμός της επένδυσης είναι 200.000,0€ εκ των οποίων η δημόσια δαπάνη ανέρχεται σε 100.000,0€ και συγχρηματοδοτείται από την Ελλάδα και το Ευρωπαϊκό Ταμείο Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξης της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης.

Το επιχειρηματικό σχέδιο που εγκρίθηκε προς χρηματοδότηση και υλοποιείται, περιλαμβάνει επενδύσεις στις παρακάτω κατηγορίες:

  • Κτίρια, εγκαταστάσεις και περιβάλλων χώρος
  • Μηχανήματα – Εξοπλισμός
  • Άυλες Δαπάνες
  • Μισθολογικό κόστος εργαζομένων (υφιστάμενο ή/και νέο προσωπικό)

Μέσω της συμμετοχής στη Δράση, η επιχείρηση πέτυχε:

  • βελτίωση της ανταγωνιστικότητας της
  • αύξηση της κερδοφορίας της
  • ενίσχυση της εξωστρέφειας
  • επέκταση της αγοράς με τη προσθήκη νέων υπηρεσιών
  • εξασφάλιση υψηλότερης ποιότητας υπηρεσίες
  • βελτίωση λειτουργικών διαδικασιών
  • ενίσχυση της επιχειρηματικότητας
  • δημιουργία ποιοτικών θέσεων εργασίας
    Με τη συμβολή του ΕΠΑνΕΚ ενισχύθηκε η επιχείρηση η οποία λειτουργεί σε έναν νευραλγικό τομέα της ελληνικής οικονομίας, αποφέροντας οφέλη στην ανταγωνιστικότητα της χώρας καθώς και στην τοπική οικονομία και στην αγορά στην οποία εδρεύει.

Privacy Notice

Cretan Medicare S.A. Privacy Notice explains why your personal and medical data are collected, the ways in which your data is be used, and your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU2016/679.           

How we use your information to help you:

When you come to our Medical Center as a Patient, a record of your care is kept.

Your record includes details such as:

Personal / Contact details:

  • Your name, home and email address, home and mobile phone numbers, date of birth, Social Security Number (where applicable) and gender.
  • Hotel name and room number along with tour operator - where applicable- travel details (arrival, departure dates etc).
  • Details about your caregivers, legal representatives and emergency contact details.
  • Relevant information from other health professionals, relatives or caregivers.

Medical records:

  • Medical History.
  • Notes and reports about your health.
  • Details about your treatment and care.
  • Treatment plans and consent.
  • Notes and medical record contain information based on the professional opinion of the staff caring for you.
  • Any contact Cretan Medicare’s staff has had with you, such us appointments, hotel or clinic visits, hospitalization, repatriation arrangement, etc.
  • Results of investigations such us laboratory tests, x-rays, ultrasound images, medical reports etc.
  • Correspondence with you and other health professionals or institutions regarding your health and care.
  • Details of any complaints you have made and how they were dealt with.

According to art.6 par.1 of the GDPR, the legal basis is formed with your consent for the process of your personal data.

Why we collect your personal data:

  • In order for our medical staff to provide you with the best possible care and treatment.
  • To monitor the progress of your health.
  • To share information concerning your treatment with different departments of our centre or other health providers within EU.
  • To train and educate our staff.
  • To monitor and improve the quality of our healthcare and services to the patients.

It is very important to notify our medical centre if there are any changes to your personal information.

Note: It is the patient’s responsibility to give accurate and true information. Your personal data are being used only for the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Notice, unless we have your consent, or if the law obliges or permits us so.

How we collect your personal data at our Medical Center:

Your personal data and Information are recorded on paper and electronically in our computer systems. Our computers systems enable information to be shared between staff members who care for you so that they have the right information at the right time.

How we collect and process data on our Website:

When you are visiting our Website, we automatically collect and store anonymized technical information from you. These are:

  • IP address
  • device ID
  • browser type
  • operating system
  • mobile device identifiers
  • geo-location data
  • state or country from which you accessed our website
  • specific webpages visited
  • date and time of a visit
  • websites you visited immediately before and after visiting our website
  • number of links and specific links you click within our website
  • functions you use on our website
  • any reservations, updates, purchases or other transactions through our website
  • data you view or download from our website

We may also use cookies on our websites to store information in your computer or mobile device to improve your online experience. Cookies are small text files which let you navigate between pages efficiently, help us understand how this website is performing and generally improve your browsing experience. Cookies can also help to ensure the advertising you see online is more relevant to you.

Generally, our cookies may perform the following functions:

Essential cookiesSome cookies are vital to the operation of our website. Without them you will not be able to navigate in the web site and to use some of its features. The basic cookies allow smooth transition from page to page on the site and are absolutely necessary for its appropriate functioning.
Functionality CookiesWe do not use functionality cookies and we cannot remember your preferences and selections you have requested on previous visits to our sites
Performance CookiesWe use performance cookies to analyse how our visitors use our website and to monitor website performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customizing our offering and quickly identifying and fixing any issues that arise. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor. All information collected is aggregated and therefore anonymous and is only used to improve how our website works.
Advertising CookiesWe do not use advertising cookies on our website.
Third Party cookiesThird party cookies are set by a different organisation on our website. For example, our website may contain content embedded content from, for example, Facebook or YouTube that are delivered through an advertising partner’s network. These sites may set their own cookies which are beyond of our control.

In case that you wish to activate or deactivate the use of cookies from your browser’s settings, depending on your browser, you can visit the following web pages in order to obtain the appropriate information:

We are using the above described data to make our Website user-friendly and to protect our IT Systems from different kind of cyber attacks or other illegal activities.

Keeping your information confidential:

Everyone working for Cretan Medicare S.A. has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. All staff members are instructed and special trained on handling confidential information and data.

Cretan Medicare S.A. computer systems and networks are designed to ensure the availability and integrity of data and all necessary technical measures have been taken to ensure data protection. Your information will be stored, managed and used with the greatest possible care.

Sharing your personal data:

To make sure you receive all the care and treatment you need, we might share relevant information about you with other organizations (see below), either via paper or by secured computer systems sharing.

Such organizations include:

•          Your Medical Doctor,

•          Your Medical Insurance Company,

•          Hospitals, walk-in-centres, out-of-hours doctors,

•          Nurses, Paramedics and therapists,

•          Private sector organizations (for example: private hospitals, medical air transport),

•          Debt collector agencies,

•          Solicitors.

Before we share any of your personal data or information, we will inform you to make sure you are aware of the information sharing and to give us your consent. If we are unable to contact you, we will only share information where we can demonstrate it is in the best interest of yourself or another individual. This is to ensure that you receive the best quality of care or are protected from any harm.

When information is shared, it is passed securely to, and kept confidential by, the people who receive it. It will only be used for the purpose for which it has been shared.

With your consent, information can be shared with relatives, partners or friends who may act as a caregiver for you. Sharing information can help your family or caregiver understand the support you require. During an assessment or review of your care, we will ask what information you want shared with your family or caregiver. We will record your views in our records.

Sharing your information without your consent:

We will inform you and ensure you are satisfied for your information to be shared, but there are times when we might need to share your information without your consent. This will only happen where we are legally required to do so, or the law allows us to do so in order to protect you or other people.

Such situations include:

•          Where there is a risk of harm or abuse to you or other people.

•          Where a serious crime, such as an assault, is being investigated or where it could be prevented.

•          To control infectious diseases such as meningitis, tuberculosis (TB) or measles.

•          Where the courts have made a formal order in relation to a court case.

We will try to inform you if we share your information without your consent.

Data Retention of your personal data:

For your best possible care and service, your personal and medical records are stored and kept in our computer systems until you request complete erasure of your data or the legal retention period has been passed.

In specific:

  • Your microbiological test and medical record will be kept in our systems for 30 years.
  • Your X-Rays will be kept in our systems for 1 year.
  • Your Ultrasound Images are stored in our system for 10 years.

Financial Information:

We hold information about the fees we have charged, the amounts you have paid and some payments details. This information forms a part of our contractual obligation to you to provide our health care and allows us to meet legal financial requirements.

Further information, your rights and accessing your records:

Cretan Medicare S.A. has built its international reputation through being a reliable and serious medical company which is maintained through investing in long term, friendly and humane management of its patients and their care ensuring that their privacy is being protected. 

Therefore if you would like to know more about how we use your Medical and Personal Data or you have any complaints please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) :Mr. Marcus Kuechler

Contact Information

e-Mail: dpo@cretanmedicare.gr

Postal Mail: Attn:  Data Protection Officer (DPO)
                                  Cretan Medicare S.A.
                                  19 EL. Venizelou Str.
                                  GR 70014

Any written request will be answered within 30 working days.

We reserve the right to change this Policy, at any time for any reason, by posting revisions on this webpage or on application.  Such changes will be effective upon posting but will not apply retroactively.

At this point we would like to inform you about your rights regarding Medical and Personal Data:

  • You have the right, at any time, to withdraw your consent in accordance to the processing and storing your personal data.
  • You have the right to get a copy of your personal data and files that we keep in our systems. If you want to see or have a copy of your records, please inform the Reception at our Medical Center or our Data Protection Officer and a copy of your records will be given to you. Handling Fees might occur.
  • You have the right at any time to request a complete erasure of your personal data and information held in our systems.
  • You have the right at any time to request rectification of your personal data kept in our systems.
  • You have the right to object data processing of your personal data kept in our systems where possible.
  • You have the right to request data portability of your personal data kept in our systems to another organization.
  • You have the right at any given time to file a complaint at the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA), Kifissias 1-3 11523, Athens – Greece,                 Tel.: +30 210 6475600, e-mail: contact@dpa.gr


We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time for any reason by posting revisions on this webpage or on applicable apps. Such changes will be effective upon posting but will not apply retroactively.