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Advanced Medical and Administrative Departments

Cretan Medicare is a modern automated centre equipped with advanced laboratories and departments so that most health problems, whether they are chronic, minor or severe, can be confronted and dealt with. Our aim is to provide efficient preventive medicine so that ailments are treated in due time.

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This unit is capable of diagnosing and treating all chronic and acute cardio ailments of the heart muscle and vessels as it utilizes state of the art technological equipment in order that we can conduct cardiac stress testing, electrocardiograms, Holter monitoring, echocardiograms (2D-Echo, cardio Pulmonary testing, Doppler) etc.
Our surgical department is well equipped with experienced surgeons in treating emergency cases like road accidents, severe traumas and inflammatory ailments or chronic situations like nevi, lipomas, cysts or other malformations. Our dedicated teams of surgeons recognize the need for surgery and treat serious and minor conditions with skill, expertise and efficiency.
Our department is well equipped with musculoskeletal ultrasound that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute orthopaedic conditions. Our skilled orthopaedics are not only well trained but also experienced in repairing damages or anomalies of the musculoskeletal system. Conditions that require surgical intervention and further inpatient observation are referred to collaborating clinics where our patient can continued to be under the observation of our orthopaedists.
Our busy pediatric department not only takes on the monthly check ups of infants for their development, vaccines and common childhood diseases but also takes on acute and chronic cases of child ailments with allergies, infections and breathing difficulties. Our pediatrician is supported by a well equipped office and laboratory that aids in diagnosing and treating conditions efficiently.
Our busy pediatric department not only takes on the monthly check ups of infants for their development, vaccines and common childhood diseases but also takes on acute and chronic cases of child ailments with allergies, infections and breathing difficulties. Our pediatrician is supported by a well equipped office and laboratory that aids in diagnosing and treating conditions efficiently.
Our laboratories conduct all ranges of lab tests from basic blood tests to more detailed technical tests with the aid of state of the art analytical equipment. Our microbiologists work in collaboration with all our physicians to provide quick but precise results to patients.
The radiology department consists of classical laboratory radiography with x-ray machine making radiographs (type SIEMENS MULTIX CPH) and laboratory ultrasound device (type General Electric Logiq 5). X-rays, ultrasounds and vascular Triplex of neck and lower limbs are possible to be done at our medical centre with our modern radiology equipment.
Our team of trained specialists aim is not only to help restore functional ability as near to the pre-injury condition as possible but a strong desire to help our patients heal, to motivate and guide them back to health through movement, deep massage, and other external treatment modalities.
Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine which is extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results can be rapid, complete and permanent. Homeopathy treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it addresses the cause, not the symptoms. This often means that symptoms tackled with Homeopathy do not recur. Homeopathy is natural. Homeopathic remedies are normally based on natural ingredients and they work in harmony with your immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system. Therefore homeopathic remedies are not addictive. Prescribing the right homeopathic remedy takes a little more time and patience than conventional medicine. Exactly the right remedy needs to be taken for your symptoms. There is no such thing as a standard homeopathic remedy. The remedy you take has to be matched to your particular symptom - where it occurs, what brings it on, what type of pain it is, what aggravates it, what makes it feel worse, your state of mind and what other symptoms you experience. The benefits and success is fueled by several factors: • completely safe • rapid, complete and permanent • treats all the symptoms as one, which in practical terms means that it addresses the cause, not the symptoms • babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without the danger of side effects • Homeopathic remedies are not addictive and without the danger of side effects • Improves the physical and psychonomic health system
Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin, to various depths at strategic points on your body. As many as a dozen needles may need to be placed for each treatment. Once the needles are inserted, they're usually left in place for five to 20 minutes, depending on the symptoms of each individual patient. The traditional Chinese theory behind acupuncture as medical treatment is very different from that of Western medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, health results form a harmonious balance between the complementary extremes (yin and yang) of the life force known as qi or chi. Qi is believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. These meridians and the energy flow are accessible through more than 350 acupuncture points. Illness results from an imbalance of the forces. By inserting needles into these points in various combinations, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will rebalance. Many western practitioners view the acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This stimulation appears to boost the activity of your body's natural painkillers and increase blood flow. Apart from the Departments and their doctors mentioned above, Cretan Medicare collaborates with specialists like gynecologists, neurologists, psychologists and ear/nose/throat specialists at state and private practice in order to provide full treatment to all our patients' needs.
In our well equipped gynecological department we can treat gynecological and obstetrical emergency cases with up to date technology. We are able to offer gynecological check-ups with pelvic exam, Pap test, taking crops, transabdominal ultrasound along with monitoring pregnancies. In incidences requiring surgical treatment or hospitalization, transfer to partner clinics is monitored.
Otorhinolaryngology or in other words ENT is the study of ear, nose and throat conditions as well as head and neck disorders. The clinic is fully equipped with a microscope, endoscope, audiograph, tympanograph and laryngoscope. It offers the following services: inspection of the larynx (direct, indirect), audiogram, tympanogram, ear cleaning, removal of foreign object (throat, nose, ears), treatement of epistaxis, examination with vibers, examination of the vertigo, Epley maneuvers, inspection of the nose (inner, outer), draining of abscesses, etc.
The Endocrinology Department is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases, providing consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for a full range of endocrine problems.  Endocrinologists treat people who suffer from hormonal imbalances, typically from glands in the endocrine system. The overall goal of treatment is to restore the normal balance of hormones found in a patient's body. Some of the more common conditions treated by endocrinologists include: Menopause, Diabetes, Metabolic disorders, Lack of growth, Osteoporosis, Thyroid diseases, Cancers of the endocrine glands, Over- or under-production of hormones, Cholesterol disorders, Hypertension and Infertility.
The Pulmonary Department is dedicated to the science concerned with the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the lungs.  Caring for Patients who have diseases related to lungs and breathing, our Pulmonologist deals with the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases affecting this area.  Pulmonary medicine deals with many diseases and conditions, including: ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, lung transplants, occupational lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary tuberculosis, sarcoidosis of the lungs, and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).
We are affiliated with the National Organization for Health Care Benefits Provision (EOPYY) as well with all Greek insurance providers. All the major international Travel and health insurance companies along with Assistance Companies trust us to serve their patients during their vacations in Greece. Why? Because we are prompt, flexible and efficient. We work effectively to provide medical assistance in human and financial terms because we have gained wide experience as health care providers and as intermediates to travel insurance companies and their assistance companies. Cretan Medicare is a trusted source of medical attention in Crete. Our multi-lingual staff of administrative personnel consists of a strong group of multi-lingual people who have made our company well-known and respected. Furthermore, our network of contacts enables us to arrange and meet all travel related needs in any emergency situation in Crete and in Greece.
This section is responsible for the daily, direct and continuous support and monitor of the operation of computer and network systems that make up the information system of Cretan Medicare. Also in this section relates to issues concerning the proper maintenance and information security. The company has installed and operated successfully since 2008, the integrated information system sLis Enterprise from Infomed Computer Services company. Is offers efficient and structured management of medical and administrative information relating to the operation of medical care and full automation of workflow to complete demanding tasks of archiving data, log events, performance audits, financial management etc. The machinery of Cretan Medicare has been updated and now all parts of the center are equipped with the latest computers, routers Cisco, photocopiers etc. Ensure Medical Privacy You can rest assured that the data submitted will only be used by doctors of the company solely for medical purposes in accordance with the privacy policy. To this end it has become all the necessary technological innovation provides the technological means to ensure confidentiality and the identity of the sender and receiver.