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With the mission of immediate and immediate treatment of emergency health problems for each patient, the Emergency Department of the Cretan Medicare S.A. operates on a 24-hour basis, as an autonomous department with a core of medical, nursing and paramedical staff.

With comfortable and welcoming facilities, modern building infrastructure, high-tech equipment, it meets all legal technical and functional specifications and is in absolute agreement with the requirements of modern medical and nursing science.


He is responsible for the transfer and discussion of every urgent and emergency incident that comes to the Cretan Medicare S.A. and treats quickly and efficiently:

  • traumatic or other acute, life-threatening, health condition of the patient
  • any pathological, surgical or other health problem that needs immediate investigation and treatment

Every patient with an acute, urgent problem who comes to the Cretan Medicare S.A. is treated:

  • 24 hours a day
  • Immediately, without delay
  • From all the basic specialties of medicine
  • With the possibility of full laboratory and radiological diagnostic testing (ECHO, CT, MRI, etc.)